K12 Student Record Management One System to Manage All Student Records


A simple student record system for K12 districts and high schools. Manage and fulfill orders for all student and alumni records.

Which Student Record Types?

Manage All Your Academic Records

Let your students and alumni order any record they need with our comprehensive school record management system. Manage any record type and organize them in a simple system.

With everything in one place, it’s easy for you to electronically send, track and report every record. Every time.

Who Can Order?

Available For Anyone

With our school record management system, current students, alumni or third parties can securely setup an account and request the records they need. Requests are sent to your inbox for you to review and approve before sending the record on it’s way anywhere worldwide.

It is that simple!

How To Order?

An Easy, Reliable Order Process

In three simple steps: Order, Review and Fulfill, K12 administrators can manage all of the requests they get for official records. As the Leader in eTranscripts, Parchment’s student record management system has evolved to support every record type you need.

With a simple process for administrators and students, managing all of your record requests electronically will let you focus your attention where it matters most.

Other Benefits

When you choose Parchment as a partner you get much more than just this great system that is accessible by all and compatible with a variety of record types. You also get a partner who understands FERPA compliance and the need to ensure learner satisfaction. We have a track record of innovation that you can rely on to make sure records are secure and learners are happy.

FERPA Compliant

Uphold your process and maintain FERPA compliance with secure tools and check points.

Happy Students

Increase the satisfaction of learners, parents, and staff by making the whole process easy.

Tamper Proof

With end-to-end security, records will reach their destination tamper-free every time.


The ability to integrate into your existing systems to maximize time and money savings.